My Garden – dry weather and a hedgehog

There’s been no rain for several days now. The wind is having a drying effect on the pasture. Am glad I mulched the garden plants – the soil below feels moist and cool. A hedgehog nestled in a sheltered spot near our woodshed. It appeared late one afternoon obviously thirsty or hungry or both. Next day at the same time , it reappeared with three babies in tow (are they called hoglets?). The mother left them huddled in a sunny spot and went search of food. A couple of days later, we were upset to find her lying in the grass with her hind leg bitten off and the stump infected – we can only think there may have been an unfortunate encounter with a stoat or weasel – we have no traps or dogs.  We placed cat food and water near the babies and their mother – we did not really know what else to do. Sadly they did not survive.

Hedgehogs in my garden

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