My Garden ~ apple trees

 I’m pleased with an early season dwarf apple – Maclear  onto an M9 rootstock. It was a new variety when I bought the tree in 2000.  I had small space I wanted to fill so this tree seemed to suit the situation. Six years later and the heavy crop of apples has been ripening since end of December. The fruit is small to medium size, green skinned with red stripes. It tastes sweet, is juicy and the grandkids like eating this apple _ and yes, so do the birds! The tree seems to be quite hardy and so far, there’s been no codlin moth or blackspot. I’ve had to stake this tree. I underplanted with lavender and comfrey as I did with the other apple trees.

 Maclear Apple Maclear apple

 Another apple variety that we really enjoy is the Captain Kidd. It will ripen in March. It’s grafted onto a rootstock MM106 that suits our conditions and space and holds well in the soil.  It has a red, streaky skin, a good taste and again, seems to be living up to the claim that it’s resistant to blackspot. For the last three to four years, we’ve had regular and heavy crops of apples off this tree.

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