My Garden ~ Seeds have Sprouted

Gardening convert (and now gardening guru) Number 2 adult son has been greatly inspired by the rapid sprouting of his sowings of autumn-winter vegetable seeds in the polyhouse. After we cleared the polyhouse, he energetically devoted himself to creating a long bed of sawdust (from the pile we keep to spread in the calf pens) on which to place the seedling trays in the polyhouse. He placed drippers to moisten the sawdust. He’s doing it his way. But he listened when I showed him how to roll a sheet of newspaper to make an organic seedling planter to be filled with seedling mix in readiness for the seedling which is then left to establish before being planted in the garden. I’ve done this for years and found it minimises the shock of transplantation. I leave a cuff to act as a mini-barrier for a bit of protection from the wind for the new seedlings.

Today he’s been out in the paddock with a spade digging near the bonfire patch where I’d  discovered self-sown vegies earlier this year. I had intended to establish another outside garden patch nearby because I was inspired by the depth, richness and friability of the soil enlivened by worms, humuswood. He’s decided this area will suit his autumn-winter plantings just fine and has visions of eventually selling surplus at the local Growers’ Market.  We’ll see. Just don’t give up the daytime job yet, I say.

One thought on “My Garden ~ Seeds have Sprouted

  1. It is heartening to hear your joy in the garden has worked its way down to your kids.

    My oldest (living about 1000 miles away) share stories of our gardens via email and the phone and he will call and ask advice. He too has tried some of his own approaches to things, he is more into seeds (budget constraints) and I usually buy starter plants.

    But like you said, he should, for now, keep his day job!

    Can you post a picture of this newspaper starter planter?

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