My Garden ~ Severe Weather

The garden is now well and truly watered. The temperatures are still quite warm so the plants are happy – as were the pukeko. About 230 mm rain fell at our place in the last 24 hours. Easterly winds caused some tree damage. The animals were moved to higher ground. Himself said that as he took down the electric fencing from the stream boundary the water was rising rapidly from behind. Local roads were cut off – I wondered if I’d make it home tonight because of the extent of the flooding. We escaped very lightly in comparison to elsewhere in the region which had heavier falls of up to 400 mm causing serious washouts and slips on roads.

Rising Floodwaters Flooding  Flooding

There’s quite a bit of debris to clear away later when things dry out.

3 thoughts on “My Garden ~ Severe Weather

  1. Yes…as you said your garden is watered! That kind of flooding can be a little scary. I appreciated the pictures you included and will be praying that you didn’t have too much damage.

  2. Been there (my part of NC had a huge flood 2 years ago due in large part to poor land mgt/overdevelopment) and understand the utter havoc water can do.

    I hope you don’t end up losing significant amounts of land as a result.

    I am sorry for your loss of trees, that is tough to take after watching them grow.

    However, this is one of mother nature’s ways of teaching us what should be planted where, don’t you think?

  3. People in the rest of the region suffered far worse flood damage to their homes and businesses so we and our neighbours must count our blessings. Thanks for your prayers morninghasbroken. The streambank is where erosion happened. I was encouraged to note one area where I’d planted a small stand poplars (not photographed) has remianed stable and standing. So I agree with you in21 about learning from mother nature.

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