My Garden ~ crop rotation

I like to rotate where I grow the vegetables in my garden. I have no hard and fast rules and tend to do what my father did. He grew potatoes to clear the ground and condition the soil in preparation for another crop. It’s a common sense approach to organic principles of avoiding the build up of disease problems in the soil. The brassica seeds have sprouted in time to be planted for the winter months ahead. I’ll plant these where I grew the potatoes in rotted hay layered on newspaper.

 Rotted hay and manure The hay that was mixed with weathered animal manure is now a crumbly structure and is full of worms.  The newspaper that I’d layed down before I planted the potatoes has broken down and is part of the organic matter.

As is my practice, I applied a dusting of dolomite lime in preparation for planting the broccoli, cabbages and cauliflower seedlings and  I’ve spread more newspaper around the edges of the new growing beds to suppress weed growth.

3 thoughts on “My Garden ~ crop rotation

  1. I so enjoyed your posts on crop rotation and how you plant potatoes! I have already planted my potatoes in the ground, but I would like to try your method at some point. The digging of potatoes can be a hard task. I also never knew about a potato crop helping to break the soil and get it ready for other things. I had read that about sunflowers too in my organic gardening magazine last summer. Glad to hear that you faired the flooding better than most!

  2. That’s interesting about sunflowers – I didn’t know that. That’s something for me to try. The flood damage up north is severe and people will be affected for many weeks yet.

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