My Garden ~ Matariki

Some stars to strive for and to cheer about as we contemplate our soggy land. Matariki  marks the start of the Maori New Year. It is so named after the group of stars the seven sisters known as Pleiades. The re-appearance of Matariki in our southern skies is celebrated because it reminds us of beginnings, the promise of the new growing season. My magnolia (‘Star Wars’) is budding – albeit wind battered- but it’ll recover and be a show-off tree soon as the days lengthen.


4 thoughts on “My Garden ~ Matariki

  1. Hi allotmentjunkies, it’s really neat to be writing again even if it’s about the weather – something I enjoy. I’m inspired by others’ witty and wonderful posts and love learning about their lives and the places where they live. There are many wonderful stories about our environment, In2L. I’ll try to include more background links.

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