My Garden ~ Apple Trees

Today, we took delivery of bare-rooted heirloom apple trees.  The nursery owner uses grafting wood sourced from organically grown or wild trees from old orchards. We asked for the trees to be grafted onto Northern Spy rootstock because it grows well on our clay soils.  The aim is to enjoy different apples across the seasons and also to play our part in preserving the older varieties.

According to the info sheet, Vaile Early is reliable and fruits in January.   I grew Egremont Russett in a previous garden. I love this apple – its golden brown skin and distinctive flavour. Always had good crops, so I have high hopes for my new tree. Priscilla is new to me but it comes recommended as a good mid-saeason variety, as being disease resistant and a good keeper. Two late season varieties new to me are Liberty – an American variety I understand to have been produced by Cornell University orchards about 1978 – which is described as disease resistant in our region and which stores well. Merlin’s Golden Late is described as a local seedling cross between Granny Smith and Golden Delicious.

5 thoughts on “My Garden ~ Apple Trees

  1. How cool, to grow trees from bare root. There used to be an orchard on part of our land – many moons ago – so we have a lot of apple trees. Trouble is, they are old as the hills, produce really small apples, and the birds and worms get them all. I’m WAY too lazy to try to trim them, spray, fertilize, etc. – all the stuff they’d need. You are far more ambitious than I am!

  2. Amibitious or dreamer I’m not sure which, Jackie. These trees will have to tough it out – I don’t spray, won’t spray. They’ll be given special treatment at planting, be staked and have their own herbal ley (such as comfrey, lavender calendula and daffodils) and then it’s up to mother nature. I’ll take the credit in about five years time when we’re enjoying the fruits of our ‘labour’.

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