My Garden ~ doctor’s orders

I’ve been housebound and full of antibiotics. The doctor didn’t prescribe gardening as a therapy. But, my head is feeling less woozy so I must be on the mend.  

I must be on the mend because I spent time viewing others’ blogs and websites about blogging. I happened on Mike Sneddon’s 7 Tips to Building Your Blog’s Readership His tips about navigating and highlighting interest points made sense. Then in my boredom, I thought I’d apply his advice. I idly thought I’d use Word Press widgets to change the format of my list of categories and to add a Platial map to highlight my New Zealand references. Why do I do this to myself when this is the first time I’ve been laid low for more than a year?

Changing the categories format was simple enough after a couple of false starts. The map? I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. I thought to start by using place-names used in my recent post. Initially, I entered Northland twice before it dawned on me the Platial search didn’t recognise a region. It worked better when I specifically tagged Whangarei as the regional city. And so things have progressed slowly and painfully this afternoon. What have I learned? Not sure. It seems too much to get my head around RSS feeds – that’s for another down-day. Might have been easier to ignore the doctor’s advice and go into the garden.

6 thoughts on “My Garden ~ doctor’s orders

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you are unwell..I reckon gardening and the open air is the best cure.When my husband had a very serious illness 3 years ago he reckoned it was the allotments and gentle exercise that speeded up the recovery…Get well soon.

  2. And the other thing the garden is good for, is sitting or lying in when you’re unwell or need to relax. I have a sun lounge I put under a tree in my garden and its a lovely place to pass the afternoon.

  3. Hi Clare, so true about a shady tree. We have a real need to relax in the shade these afternoons. Any breeze is welcome. I’ve just returned from being with my Mum in Matamata. It’s sweltering in the Waikato – 31 humid degrees yesterday. It’s particularly affecting elderly people – they tend to dehydrate. She’s got the message about drinking lots of water. Being with her for three days forced me to go at a snail’s pace – keeping to her schedule – so I guess that’s ‘relaxing’.

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