A blogging year in review

When I created my first blog, I thought to simply write from my garden diary jottings. The garden could serve as a platform. Thirteen months later, I have questions. Is my blog really about my garden? My garden is the place where I am known to get lost or to lose coffee mugs. What should I write about in 2008? 

I’m idly doing a year in review by looking over my blog statistics and by re-reading my posts and comments. What is blogging?  I have the sense the blog is bigger than my garden diary, more than a digital diary. Something I may take for granted and write about however briefly is out there forever. Continued viewings for example, of my step-by-step photos showing how to make paper pots to transfer seedlings astounds me. Wow! Paper pots. If it helps others, then that’s great.

Snippets about worms, birds, cattle, friends, grandsons, hedgehogs, possums, dragonflies, bumble-bees and beneficial insects show they are vibrant players in my garden world. I like to play with words and write about what I see and hear. It is easy to write about the seasonal garden cycle and of the weather events in my part of the world. It is easy to write about caring for the soil, about creating a carbon sink, about ecological diversity. It is easier with such a focus for writing about insights into life as I know it. I’m thinking about a fresh focus for 2008.

Photographs simplify stories. Trees were planted. Trees were felled. Stream flood-waters left their high-tide marks. Heritage fruits and vegetables were planted and harvested. Cakes were baked. Strawberry jam was made. I found myself playing (starting point = ignorance) with technologies in different ways to add visual interest. I lost count of my mistakes and the time it took to post photos. Oh for the talents of those photographers whose blogs are a visual treat for the viewers of their pages. Is this about gardening? Is this more about creativity? Or communication? I would not do this for my pen and paper diary.      

He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. This is a Maori proverb that generally means it’s the people. It’s about the people. And this is the addictive bit about blogging.  Your stories out there are fun, witty, provocative, inspirational, informative, optimistic and hopeful.

2 thoughts on “A blogging year in review

  1. I have enjoyed the reading and the learning, Jenny. Stumbling upon your blog is in my 101 Things I Want to Remember about 2007. It has been interesting learning about a different culture, along with the garden interest we both share.

    Wherever you take your blog, I will be sure to check back regularly.

  2. That’s nice of you to say so, in21. Obviously I’ll continue to write about My Garden. I like your 101 list. Following your example, I have things to do in 2008 – hence my year in review. Technologies have opened so many possibilities. One work-related priority for me is to throw away my pen and paper work diary. I also intend to travel much later this year. Undoubtedly new experiences will broaden my blog writing options. Stay in touch. Cheers, Jenny.

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