A Kiwi hero passes

New Zealanders are in mourning. Today we learned Sir Edmund Hillary died. Like others, I can’t recall life without this great man’s presence. Is there a Kiwi kid who since the 1950s, hasn’t at some stage in their schooling done a project about this great Kiwi bloke? His remark after scaling Mt Everest, “we knocked the bastard off”, is pure laconic Kiwi style. His face has adorned the NZ$5 notes for decades. He made national and international news. He is our national treasure. Humble and compassionate he inspired people to reach out and to conquer their own mountains. We will remember him.

3 thoughts on “A Kiwi hero passes

  1. I agree – it is a sad loss. He got a lot of coverage and respects paid over here in the UK as well.

    I must apologise – I haven’t visited your blog in a little while, and am just catching up now. I think I forget that while my garden is sleeping, other people’s aren’t!

    Your trip photos look great! I wish I could view them a little bigger.

    Did I ever mention my mum lived in NZ for a couple of years in the late 60s? I think she was near Auckland, although I could be wrong.

  2. I have just heard that this great man is to have a memorial service at Windsor Castle,England…..A great tribute to a Great man ..Jackie

  3. Hi Nezza and Jackie, there’ll be a live broadcast by TVNZ from 10am NZ time on Tuesday (NZ’s about 11 hours ahead of UK time). I read that BBC Sky News and CNN will show the state funeral live from Auckland. It’s unheard of for a private citizen to have a state funeral in this country. It’s amazing the Queen has offered to have a private service in April for the family at St George’s Chapel. Out media is full of tributes and commenorative features about this great man.

    I’ll try to re-post my Rotorua photos in a bigger format, Nezza. In the 1960s, Auckland was a small and less cosmpolitan city – about 600,00 population. Now, over 1 million peoples from all over call it home. Growth brought with it the global problem of congested motorways, pollution and stretched services. Yay! Developers and planners will have jobs for decades to come. Cheers, Jenny.

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