My Garden ~ reflections for gardeners

How often have I walked in My Garden and not looked at what’s beneath my feet?

When I have the time to take a walk, I would often take the time to admire
the grass.   Grass doesn’t make a fuss.  It doesn’t try to be beautiful or
outstanding.  It doesn’t want to attract attention.  It is so humble that it
even allows people to walk all over it.  Yet, it possess such strength.
It glows in healthy green despite being stepped all over, and when a
typhoon strikes and all the flowers die and all the trees get uprooted,
humble grass survives.  And humble grass, in its own humble way,
provides food for animals, shelter for insects, and joy to some funny
guy walking past.  I think a virtuous man should be like grass.
Humble, unnoticed, yet possessing great strength and kindness.
–  Tan Chade Meng

More ancient wisdom:

If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.
– Confucius

3 thoughts on “My Garden ~ reflections for gardeners

  1. What a beautiful post. Unfortunately we have to keep replanting our grass often and in the shade it is WAAAAAYYYYY too humble…we don’t have as much as we’d like and it is patchy with dirt showing through.

    However, one of my husband’s birthday presents this year was trees. So he is planning for a future.:)

  2. My father promised himself he would plant a tree at every house he ever owned that would outlive him. It is a joy to visit our old houses and see how they have grown.

    I have made the same promise and have had the pleasure of returning to the places I have lived and seen the growth of the trees or gardens I planted there.

    This winter I planted three new trees and I am looking forward to seeing their first leaves (and hopefully flowers) popping out.

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