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My Garden ~ stargazing at the summer night sky


It’s a balmy evening. No cloud cover. The sun has set and the moon hasn’t risen yet. Himself and I went for a stroll up our rural road. No torch. No traffic. No streetlights. Few house-lights pinpoint the countryside. Ridges of the hills and local mountain are silhouetted against the faint glow of distant city lights.A remarkably still night and good visibility for stargazing. 

A possum grunted. Pukeko squawked their raucous squawks.  Morepork or Ruru ‘s (New Zealand’s night owl) distinctive moooorpoooork call echoed among the trees. Last year, friend Trish and I were lucky enough one evening to see a young morepork perched silently on a branch of one of our Totara trees. We stood still and silent. Round unblinking eyes solemnly stared. I’m not really sure who was watching who that evening. It was the night bird’s space.  We were the intruders, so we quietly retreated.     

It’s a good night to gaze at our summer night skyWe have often sat in our garden to watch the evening stars using binoculars and telescope with friends. Tonight, we had no need of these tools. While I recognise the Pot, I do need to refer to a NZ astronomy website to learn the names of the stars.  A few I do know. Mars is distinctive.  The seven sisters or Pleiades (Maori call this cluster Matariki) I’ve referred to in a previous post. The four brightest stars (on the NZ flag) of Southern Cross point the way to New Zealand. As wonderful as ever, Orion Belt – the Milky Way galaxy stretches across and into the night.

Maori have ancient knowledge of stars and they have many stories to tell. “Swimming across the darkness is Te Ikaroa (the Milky Way), the great fish of Rangi, the Sky Father.”   

Adding to the magic tonight, a satellite sped across space and a meteor showered ever so briefly  as it streaked northwards. So, I did what people do at moments like these and wished upon a shooting star ….

Author: Jenny

My garden is where I lose myself, or as Himself likes to tell others, I lose either my coffee mug or wine glass. Well at least I put them on a gatepost so they are easily found. As I see it, we are here on this place to respect and to preserve nature, not to develop the land. I love how the totara trees stand in silent witness to our human activity. They keep me honest. I love to wander along the stream bank. I like being able to grow fruit and vegetables. I enjoy green open space. My son challenged me to write a blog using my garden diaries to start. Writing a blog is quite different to my diary scribblings. It is for a different audience. In every post, I have to make a conscious effort to get free of an academic style of writing. I write about things I know and do in my everyday life. I am not a photographer but the images I use are taken by me. I believe this adds veracity to my voice in each post. Learning to setup and to manage a blog has been a major effort and remains a work in progress. Who knows where this will lead. Himself and I thought we had retired, about to define this older phase of our life together. But family commitments continue. As it happens, I share this place with Himself, son and grandsons and living creatures who live charmed existences. I watch on as they serve as actors weaving their ways across the stage of daily life. Shakespeare wrote in As You Like It: All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; Always, there's something to write about life lived as I know it.

2 thoughts on “My Garden ~ stargazing at the summer night sky

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  2. That sounds absolutely idyllic! I am extremely envious.

    (Good luck with flickr – once you’re used to it, it’s very easy.)

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