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My garden ~ I’m back … I think

So much has happened in three months since I last wrote. I’ve been away from work and my home and Himself while caring for my mother in her home in the Waikato. She died at the end of April – sad yet a relief. I’m glad I was there for her throughout. She endured with quiet dignity. I guess in the presence of death we learn much about the capacity of the human spirit, natural elements and life. Not expected to live beyond March, Mum lingered into April to greet a new-born great-granddaughter. A neighbourhood cat came calling every day and was quite the purrrfect visitor. Mum and I called her Daisy. The day before Mum died, this cat hopped onto Mum’s bed, curled up against Mum’s hip within patting reach and went to sleep. Such a comfort. The day after the funeral, my brothers, sister and I watched as a flock of white geese flew low and directly overhead in V formation, honked and headed north. An unusual event – we have never seen such birds over Mum’s hometown.  

Well, I’m back – back to work today. My fears about coping when I returned to work are really groundless. The boss has been compassionate and supportive. Colleagues understood. This morning, I flipped through the pile of mail on my desk and left stuff unopened. I wilted at the prospect of going through hundreds of emails and used the delete button on global messages to whole staff.  I re-charged my work mobile phone. It’s like I’ve been in another world as I didn’t have time to use these technologies. Instead, I used a different keyboard and played the piano for Mum – something I haven’t done for decades – amazed I could still read the music. She was an entertainer and loved hearing the sounds – even though I apologised for my poor timing and stumbling as my fingers struggled to remember the keys. But I was really too busy with care-giving and using bedside technologies. Hospice provides phenomenal support in the home.      

Now, on the home front, there’s been so much rampant growth in my garden in my absence. I’ve missed a whole season of apples – himself valiantly picked and peeled, and froze apple pulp. My  trees are showing off their autumn colours. Pumpkins are matured hidden in the grass. Main crop potatoes are still in the ground waiting to be harvested. While the Waikato region endured a 100-year drought, Northland had ideal growing conditions. Waikato dairy farmers paid mega-dollars for cattle-feed and grazing off their farms in Northland and elsewhere.

I’ve been staggered by the numbers of readers and their responses to my blog especially as I’ve not written for three months. It’s an incentive to get going again. Catch up with you soon.