My Garden ~ a garden cart

It’s always special to receive a gift. And no matter how many birthdays signpost life’s journey, the anticipation when unwrapping a gift never fails to excite. Himself lives by the mantra that good things come in small packages. And to be sure, he has lived up to the expectations of his mantra. This year, he’s excelled himself in the surprise stakes with his biggest, heaviest boxed gift ever. Tonight, I didn’t even come close to guessing what might be in this birthday wrapped package accompanied by an expressively worded card.

His gift: a steel, flat-deck, garden wagon with a pull handle, large pneumatic wheels for mobility and stability that has a maximum load capacity of 150kgs. Perfect. It’ll be great for so many garden jobs. Come to think about it, how did I manage all these years with a wheelbarrow?  

4 thoughts on “My Garden ~ a garden cart

  1. And retrospective birthday greetings to you too, Andy.
    I read somewhere that people born under the Cancer sign have strong connections with water and their emotions ruled by the movements of the Moon. They’re interested in their family and home life, nurture their loved ones, have a strong interest in food and enjoy physical exercise. Cheers, Jenny.

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