My Garden ~ the ‘no ordinary storm’ has moved on and the power’s back on

The ‘no ordinary storm’ has wreaked its havoc across our part of the country. After a whole day without power we were switched back on about three hours ago. Things haven’t been too bad here. We’re somewhat sheltered by hills from the full brunt of the easterlies that are continuing to sweep down the east coast of the country. We kept the fire going and like others, heeded the advice to stay indoors and sat it out. I did venture out with the camera at the height of the deluge and got soaked for my effort.

Things seemed to quieten in our neighbourhood about mid-afternoon so Himself chose to inspect the fencelines rather than play Scrabble! Just because he doesn’t like playing against someone who uses more than  four letters to make words! So I got the camera out again. This time, it was our fences that took a real battering.  

2 thoughts on “My Garden ~ the ‘no ordinary storm’ has moved on and the power’s back on

  1. Wow….That really was no ordinary storm. That’s a LOT of water!

    I’m glad you’re okay. Not toooo much damage I hope?

    What happened about your grandson’s party? Did it get postponed? What a shame to have nasty weather like that…

  2. Grandson’s party with friends and family was postponed. We tried to vsit on Tuesday night – his actual birthday but couldn’t get through because more flooding happened as a result of a second storm. We phoned and he was full of details about his new Benten (not sure of the spelling) toy from Mum and Dad. He has quite a collection so birthday life did have its upside. A third party event is planned for this Saturday. Extra LOL and a BIG prezzie from Nana and Poppa for patient birthday boy is still in order, don’t you think.

    NZ is being pummeled by a second severe storm event since the ‘no ordinary’ storm last weekend. This one hit our region first on monday night and it has since moved across the whole country causing serious damage. We consider we got off very lightly in both weather events. People elswhere are suffering the trauma of losing heir homes because of coastal surges, slips, high winds and so it goes – communities were cut off. South Island is in for the stormy battering today.

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