My Garden ~ it’s been the wettest winter and a birth is imminent

Mud. Lots of it. Squelchy and squishy.  Officially, we’re told it’s been the wettest winter. The grey rain clouds can go away now. We are no longer lulled by the nightly patter of rain on the roof. In our area, the soil ‘floats’ atop the hardpan pipe-clay. Unsealed local roads and private driveways currently make driving interesting as we dodge the potholes. Once things dry out in the warmer months, we’ll need to re-metal our driveway.

I can only stand and admire nature’s cheerful face of drifts of daffodils. No outdoor gardening is happening at present. This weekend, I want to get some time to sow some seeds to germinate them under cover. And yes, the early potatoes seem to still be growing. Anyway, there’s another reason for no gardening and no blogging. For the last few weeks, I’ve been busy cleaning spare bedrooms, laundering baby clothes, fetching grandkids from daycare and preparing meals. I feel stuffed just looking at this list and I go out to work during the week. The efforts we make to support our families.     

Tomorrow is the due date for a very important little person. Grandchild Number 8. The lucky number and it’s the 8th month of 2008. We’ve got a full house. Son and D-in-law and their two sons are staying with us before they shift into their next house. D-in-law’s Mum flew in from Australia and is also staying with us. Tonight, the newborn baby clothes are sorted and the basinet is made up and aired. Mummy’s finally stopped working and is now on maternity leave. She’s packed her bag at last. Daddy’s reading a story to three-year old son. Three grandparents are under the same roof and on hand to baby-sit the older boys. Wow! Each time, the imminent birth of a grandchild is such a special time. The event draws people together. A little of each of us is embodied in the promise of this precious new life bringing cheer like the daffodils. Now, we wait for nature to take its course.

4 thoughts on “My Garden ~ it’s been the wettest winter and a birth is imminent

  1. Hello

    We are living in Charlotte, N.C. and we planted an apple tree a few months ago, the tree was green and a lot of leave, then all the leaves start to turn brown and look that they were dying, now I prune the tree and it seem to still be alive, what can we do to help the tree? any suggestions, we water the tree twice a day, in the morning and at night, also the sprinkles.

    How do we know if still alive, anything we need to buy.Thank you!!!!!


  2. Hi Erika
    I’m not sure what to suggest as your soils and growing seasons in North America will be different to the sub-tropical growing conditions I’m used to in my home garden. What’s the drainage of your soil like? Is your apple tree planted where it will get full sun? Is your tree in its dormant phase? I mulched my newly-planted trees with compost to help control weeds and to conserve soil moisture. Later, I under-planted comfrey and daffodils to provide a living mulch. Is there a garden nursery adviser nearby you can ask? Good luck. Cheers, Jenny.

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