My Garden ~ Birds’ Nests, Lazy Cats and Granddaughter’s First Post

When she was a toddler, Granddaughter and I made up scrapbooks about anything and everything when she and her twin brother stayed with us. We’d do drawings, paste in leaves and flowers, and pictures and the like. I’d scribe the dictated little stories about what we’d been doing that day. These battered books are now tomorrow’s treasures. It’s the school holidays and today, blogging is the new scrapbook.  We had fun choosing a new photo of our countryside for the header. This is her first post. 

Nana and I thought how clever birds are when they make their nests. The thrush used the grasses to make a warm nest. Her nest looked like part of the clump of the same grass on the driveway bank. Pukeko is nesting in the long grass near the electric fence in front of the house. We took some photos and I wrote about them.


Sometimes the cats come for a walk with us. We didn’t want to stay near the birds’ nests for too long, otherwise the cats might sniff out an easy meal.

6 thoughts on “My Garden ~ Birds’ Nests, Lazy Cats and Granddaughter’s First Post

  1. Hi Jenny, I have just found your blog, it is so good to read another NZ story. I have 2 blogs and need to find the time to up date more often – pop in if you have a moment.
    Grandbabies are such a blessing, I had no3 born on the 31st Aug and am loving all the cuddles !

  2. Hi Ooglebloops, had a read of your post Here Kitty, Kitty …. I got such a strong sense of – is this sounds like my sister-in-law writing? The local vet smiles, assured of income from the steady stream of waifs and strays S-in-L takes to him for health checks. We reckon there’s a feline bush telegraph with her address embedded in it.

    I’m so glad you dropped in, Marcia. How do you manage time to keep up with two blogs? I’ve been considering doing just that. I tried accessing you blog by clicking on your username, but didn’t get through. I’ll try again. I’d love to establish a link and keep in touch. Those cuddles are really special. Our No8 GKid was born on the 30th Aug.

    Cheers to you both, Jenny.

  3. Hi ooglebloops there is another gingercat too as Mischief has a brother called Mayhem .. maybe later when I find a photo of the two of them I’ll send one – and you are right they do think they are tigers aye.. our eldest son really likes the cats and our middle son – turbo todler luvs tigger and tigers 🙂 it was soo cute when he first said the word tiger he would add in a roar afterwards

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