My Garden ~ putting my places on the map

Today, my map is back!!!! How did this happen? Resilience is one of my personal traits – ‘I can do it!’ is my mantra (well, that’s what I’m telling you).   In a New Year post, I recounted Mike Sneddon’s blog – 7 Tips to Building Your Blog’s Readership  At the time, his words made sense, so I idly thought it a simple matter to add a Platial map to highlight my New Zealand references. Progress was slow and painful as I didn’t have a clue how to go about things.  What did I learn? Not sure. Six months later in June, and I’ve never worked out why or what I did, but my flash new Platial NZ map widget had disappeared from my blog. I lamented the joys of learning how to manage a  blog. 

Today, I went back to Platial and did some searching homework. Well, long story short, I’m setting up a new blog. I need to include a map. In 2009, Himself and I will leave NZ to work and to travel (more about that at a later time). My Garden blog will go on the back-burner for a couple of years though I probably won’t be able to resist dropping in from time to time – likely from a ‘homesickness’ for my plants and trees – and the pukeko, the cat, the animal life. Anyway, that’s in the tomorrow and tomorrow’s time.

However, first things first, my newly re-discovered world of mapping in blogland is grabbing my attention.   

4 thoughts on “My Garden ~ putting my places on the map

  1. Jenny

    Wow – I look forward to seeing the map assuming you post a link from the new blog. I have enjoyed learning about your side of the world through your posts.

    If, on your travels, you are ever in North Carolina I would love to meet you. We are in western NC.

    I will check back to learn more about the travel and work around the world stuff. Will your family be taking care of the farm while you are gone?

    While you are in the throes of new life bursting forth we are watching the leaves fall to the ground. Every day brings a new layer that have to go to the compost heap. At least the mountains are starting to be visible through the window where the computer sits.

    Take care.

  2. Hey in21, good to hear from you.
    Things have been busy – end-of-year work wind-down feels like the veritable wind-up. And then there’s the gardening operations at home that still have to happen now that spring has finally arrived. We’re still waiting to hear about work-related info. And yes, Number 2 son will take care of our place while we’re away – and that includes the cat who won’t be impressed with the ‘baby-sitting’ arrangements one bit. Thanks so much for the invite to NC – don’t know when, but you’re on. Stay in touch. Cheers, Jenny.

  3. Hi Andymont
    My apologies – My Garden has been furthest from my mind. Now that I think about it, I really do need to write an update – I’ll do that after I write this reply. I was meticulous about keeping in touch with other bloggers and their stories. There’s a compression of time as the school year here ends just before Xmas and the long annual summer break always conincides with Xmas and New Year. It’s pressure-cooker time and legal and accounting firms usually close for their annual break for a couple of weeks at least.
    So since October, Himself and I having been been organising our affairs before the break and packing the contents of our home in preparation for leaving NZ at the end of this month. Amidst this, we enjoyed Xmas day with both sons and their families happend. We forgot to see New Year in – how sad is that!
    I’m trying to find time to set up anther blog – easy enough to do.
    Cheers Jenny

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