Plums and Pohutukawa ~ it must be Christmas

Nothing says, ‘it must be Christmas’, to me more than the seasonal appearance of red  Christmas plums in my home orchard and of the full glory of New Zealand’s iconic crimson blooms on pohutukawa trees.

In the current high temperatures, green plums reddened overnight. This morning, waxeyes, pukeko and possums all left signs of having tasted-tested the ripest part of the fruit, the side facing the morning sun. Half-eaten plums lay on the grass and broken twigs dangled from branches. Much as I love to pick sun-ripened fruit, the reality is that I must pick the near-ripened fruit if we are to enjoy any of the crop at all. I will put the ripest plums in the fruit bowl, free-flow freeze some for later use and stew some to be served as a dessert.

Christmas plums picked at half-ripened state

Possums also wreaked destruction on my heritage Strawberry apple tree. It is a delightful small early apple that ripens just before Christmas.  We trapped several possums this week. We expect to trap more in the weeks to come. In other posts, I have described how possums are pests in New Zealand. They roam at night and also ravage native foliage,  such as pohutukawa trees, and eat native bird eggs and chicks.

Putting possums and plums behind us for a while, Himself and I enjoyed coffee at a waterfront cafe overlooking the local marina. It is a happy place where people walk or socialise.

Crimson pohutukawa blooms feature in New Zealand Christmas images. With Christmas on my mind, I wish for peace and harmony, happiness and joy, and good health in your lives everywhere.

Pohutukawa trees in full bloom at the Town Basin Marina





2 thoughts on “Plums and Pohutukawa ~ it must be Christmas

  1. So sad, possums destroying the plums overnight I understand fully, as the years have gone by it has got worse, we had the wood pigeons eating the plums when the flowers blossoms, as a result we never had any plums at Christmas.
    Now retired and living in town, I was happy to see we had a plum tree, thinking that we would have plums for Christmas, but alas to say the blackbirds and sparrows ate the plum blossoms, and no plums living in town.
    If it was the old days when our mother would preserve all the fruit for feeding the family in the winter, us humans would starve.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. If it was just the wood pigeons I’d make some allowances. I agree with your comments. I remember being able to enjoy fruit bonanzas as a kid. We do our best meanwhile. Enjoy the start of our festive season. Merry Christmas to you.

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