Funneling words into points in Scrabble

As a competitive scrabble player and as a doer of cryptic crosswords, my first thought was how might I use this 6-letter word? Funnel has no 6-letter anagram. ‘F’ is worth 4-points. The other letters are worth only 1-point each. So it is necessary to maximise funnel as a word. Funnel will hook onto –s, –led, –lled, –ing as valid word endings listed in Collins Official Scrabble Words.   

Scrabble players note: next time fundi is played on a scrabble board and if you have a tile rack holding –bilmnuu, then you should be able play infundibulum to form a 12-letter word. 70 points minimum. More if it is a triple or double word score. A triple-triple word score?

Thesaurus searches revealed other words related to funnel.  Infundibulum is a funnel shaped-cavity.  Buchner and choana are words related to ladles, crucibles, tubes, pouring spouts, nozzles. As an aside of interest to scrabble players out there, choana takes an –ae ending. Tundish, used in metal casting, is an open container or large funnel with one or more holes at the bottom. 

And Himself, because he is interested in such technical matters, explained that a drogue a conical or funnel-shaped device with open ends, towed behind a boat, a plane or a racing car to reduce speed or to improve stability.

So much to learn. No need now to look to the the kitchen for writing inspiration. No need to blog about making tomato sauce or jam recipes using my red plastic funnel to pour the preserves into bottles and jars. 


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