Talofa! Undulate and Sing


Years ago, we celebrated our ruby wedding anniversary in Western Samoa.  No cellphone. No television. No grandkids. No garden. Just Himself and I. We surrendered to  the romance of Upolu Island time. The sun set over the Pacific Ocean. Samoan dancers undulated and sang in graceful unison, in celebration of their beautiful nation. 

Samoa is the tropical paradise of books and movies. Poet, Rupert Brooke lay on a mat and looked

out on the white sand under the high palms and gentle sea, and the black line of a reef a mile out…

Western Samoa Vehicle Passenger Ferry
Apolima Strait ferry crossing from Upolu to Savai’i Islands

The island of Savai’i beckoned. Aboard the vehicle-passenger ferry, we crossed Apolima Strait. The boat ploughed its way through the swells. A pod of whales cavorted in the warm tropical waters. Seawater sprayed over the bow and misted the passengers, diesel fumes wafted from the engine room and I sat face to the wind with my gaze fixed on the land ahead. 

Captive on any boat, I undulate with the elements. Never a good sailor. I was sea-sick.

3 thoughts on “Talofa! Undulate and Sing

  1. Seasick or not, you’ve made me want to go there.

    A funny to share with you: When I first looked at the line “. . .lay on a mat . . .” I saw “lay on a mate”—-sure glad I looked again 🙂

    1. Sharp spotting, granonine. ‘e’ was a typo thatI corrected. Memo to self – revise, revise and revise again before clicking the publish button. I’d go back to Samoa in heartbeat. Seasickness doesn’t last. The whale sighting made up for that.

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