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Celebrate the New Year with a Peach

Nothing like eating a hand-picked, juicy ripe sweet peach from my orchard. My Red Haven peaches usually start ripening as the New Year approaches. Trouble is that the possums and the birds know this and think the fruit is grown for them! Simple solution. Tonight, we picked the tree clean even though many peaches were not fully ripe or were half-pecked. We love fresh seasonal produce. Enjoy the simple things in life. Happy gardening New Year to you all.




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My Garden ~ Red Haven peaches ripen

We ate our first fresh peaches of the season yesterday. Red Haven ripens early in January. The taste of sun-warmed fruit is better than any bought peach. The tree looks colourful with the large red-blushed fruit.  Red Haven has been a good choice for growing in our area.  Fungal disease has been minimal – the  humidity is usually low. I choose not to use spray and rely on natural solutions such as selecting the right tree for our conditions.

The biggest problem I had before planting my fruit trees was the need to clear through a thick scoria base. Gypsum, or dolomite, applied to the hard-pan clay base helps to improve drainage.  I made a raised planting area using a mix of vermicast and compost.

My fruit trees are underplanted with a ley that includes herbs such as borage, calendula, chives, comfrey, curry plant, daffodils and santolina as a living mulch once the foliage dies down. The peach tree is planted in an open and windy spot in the garden as I think the air flow helps to keep the tree healthy.

Unfortunately the birds and possums also think the peaches are worth eating.